Design Analysis and Site Consulting Services

Traditional site development begins with a plan drawn by a consulting engineer. The project is advertised for bids and the low-bid contractor gets the job. That’s fine for the public sector, but private-sector developers can benefit from a more proactive approach.

Collaboration between the Owner, Consulting Engineer, and the McAninch Team early in the process can produce significant cost savings to client.

Value Engineering at McAninch includes such activities as analysis of the original design file, verification or original topographical maps via GPS equipment, and review of desired specifications. The goal is to build the job as efficiently and economically as possible.

With McAninch as your Site Development Partner, there are fewer surprises, better budgets, and expedited schedules. When time makes a difference, you want McAninch Corporation on your team.

Why do you work at McAninch?

Geronimo Ortiz

1 Year with McAninch – Parts Runner

McAninch takes care of you – you’re family. They’re a really good company and are very family oriented and that helps a lot. Everybody in the organization has treated me very well in my short time with the company and the people are great. My co-workers are excellent and that makes all the difference while you are doing your work each day. There are a lot of things that I enjoy about McAninch, they are great people to work for. We do fantastic work for our customers, we have the best equipment in the field, and that’s what sets us apart from everyone else.