Proud to be an Iowa 2018 Top Workplace!

Top Workplace 2018


This fall, McAninch Corporation and our employees received a gratifying award by being named a Top Workplace for the first time in the company’s history.

“Ranking as the No. 4 mid-sized company in the state of Iowa is a reflection of the work ethic and commitment our employees bring to their job responsibilities every single day,” says Doug McAninch, president/CEO.  “As a local, family-owned company, our top priority is creating a culture where employees can thrive and work safely.”

Being named a Top Workplace is the direct result of voluntary employee feedback provided through paper or online surveys to a research partner hired by The Des Moines Register. Employees ranked various statements on a seven-point scale, ranging from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.” The survey asked participants to share their agreement level with statements such as:

  • I believe McAninch is going in the right direction.
  • At McAninch, we do things efficiently and well.
  • McAninch enables me to work at my full potential.
  • I would highly recommend working at McAninch to others.
  • My pay is fair for the work I do.

In addition, employees provided comments to several open-ended questions. The questions varied based on agreement responses that showed the most passion or stood out from the rest of the company.

“We were extremely pleased that nearly 70 percent of our employees took time to take the survey,” McAninch says. “In addition to our strong participation rate, 360 employee comments were provided in the survey. These were extra comments from employees, which weren’t part of the required sections to answer in order to complete the survey.”

Ranking near the top of the survey were responses to culture-driven statements and McAninch’s overall engagement score.

“Our employees deserve enormous credit for making McAninch a place people want to work,” adds McAninch. “There is a strong sense of pride, teamwork and camaraderie out on the job sites. Our work is frequently dependent on the weather, and our employees often work long hours to get the job done. When employees feel like they have a “family work environment,” it makes a big difference.”

Staff Accepting Top Workplace Award 2018












Dave Stitz, Rock Whitehill, Donna McAninch and Doug McAninch, president, accept a Top Workplace Award from The Des Moines Register.