Picture of Ryan May

Ryan May has been working as part of a utility crew for McAninch since spring 2016. While he had experience doing this same type of work for another company, he always knew he wanted to work for McAninch.

“The company is visible on job sites all over the area,” May says.

Photo of Ron Feldman

When we caught up with Ron Feldman, a 21-year employee of McAninch, he was working on building a road along Veteran’s Parkway.

Feldman takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows. Once a project is complete, he’ll often visit the area later to see how development has prospered in the area.


For many of our employees – working at McAninch isn’t just a job. It’s a fulfilling career and an opportunity to work in a culture that feels like a family. We’re proud that for the second year in a row, McAninch Corporation and our employees have been named a Top Iowa Workplace.


Photo of employee Andy PurdunAndy Purdun is in his sixth season working for McAninch as an equipment operator. Before coming to work for the company – which was named as one of Iowa’s Top Workplaces in Iowa by the Des Moines Register last year – he spent 21 years working in the same capacity for other companies.

Photo of Luke Roozeboom


Luke Roozeboom, a punch lister for McAninch, is one of the last employees to see a job before it’s walked through for final approval. For example, if the city is inspecting a job site, they will open the infrastructure and make sure everything is up to par and meets code requirements.

Photo of employee Scott Smith


Scott Smith, a loader operator, is preparing for his third season working for McAninch. Before joining the company, he spent a decade doing tree work in the Des Moines area.

“I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years, but this is the first one I could see turning into a real career and not just a job,” Smith says.


It’s not uncommon for Iowans to pack their bags and head south for a winter vacation. Few people, however, leave on a motorcycle in early January when it’s in 34 degrees outside. That’s exactly what Jon Thompson and his wife did during his time off last winter from working at McAninch.


Tanner Bowman has always been intrigued by heavy machinery. Now, as a scraper operator – he’s working with big machines nearly every day. Although he’s been working for McAninch for less than six months, he feels right at home in his new role.

Photo of Mitchell Coulter


When construction is underway, every aspect of the project has a process to follow. Criteria must be met at certain stages for progress to continue.

Mitchell Coulter has worked at McAninch for nearly five years. When we caught up with him in November, he was testing the water and sewer system at a new subdivision.

Top Workplace 2018


This fall, McAninch Corporation and our employees received a gratifying award by being named a Top Workplace for the first time in the company’s history.

“Ranking as the No. 4 mid-sized company in the state of Iowa is a reflection of the work ethic and commitment our employees bring to their job responsibilities every single day,” says Doug McAninch, president/CEO. 


We recently caught up with Danny Snyder, an equipment operator for McAninch, while he was working on a runway project at the Des Moines International Airport. This is his fourth year working for McAninch, and he’s happy to be sitting in the seat of a bulldozer.


Tyler Dudding’s enthusiasm for his work is contagious. In fact, when asked to explain what he does at McAninch, he had a fitting response.

“I help to make dreams come true,” he says. “Whether we’re working on a housing project or an industrial area, we’re on the ground level of seeing someone’s vision start to become a reality.”

As a scraper operator, he says simply put, he puts the dirt where it needs to be.

George Storm


Before homes and businesses are built, a considerable amount of work must happen below the ground, and it goes far beyond digging foundations. With 30 years of experience – 20 of which have been with McAninch – George Storm has significant expertise in this area.

Ben Groesbeck


We visited with Groesbeck on a hot and windy summer morning when the heat index that day was expected to rise past 100. When you lay pipe, you’re working in ditch-type conditions surrounded by dirt and not much of a breeze, which means it’s even hotter in those areas.

TJ Lint


Recently, we caught up with TJ Lint, a laborer with McAninch who has been on the job since June 1.

Lint’s path to McAninch came in what many might consider an untraditional way. A former football player, Lint was a four-year letter winner playing wide receiver at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake.

Iowa has jobs. What we need is the interest of middle school and high school students to be open to pursuing skilled job opportunities. Over the course of two weeks in May, I chauffeured a $75,000 heavy-equipment simulator to schools in the Des Moines metro area with the goal of bringing “the jobs” to students.

With a fleet of approximately 550 vehicles, keeping everything operating smoothly is no small task for McAninch’s 25 full-time maintenance employees. With the arrival of spring, massive pieces of earthmoving equipment were brought of winter hibernation and sent to job sites. We recently sat down with Jason Paulson, vice president of fleet management, and Tyler Smith, field mechanic, to learn what it takes to keep these machines running strong.

When lawns return to their lush green, temperatures rise, birds sing, and flowers and trees bloom, you know that spring has officially arrived. At McAninch, when our equipment and our highly trained staff move to job sites, we know that spring has arrived.

We at McAninch are excited to announce that we are celebrating a President’s Award for Year 2016 from our Captive Insurance Group!

To qualify for a President’s Award, a member must have a loss ratio of 10% or lower of their audited premium within the Captive group, and McAninch achieved a 7.8% loss ratio for 2016.

We recently sat down with Christian Leibfried, one of McAninch’s youngest employees, and asked him to tell us what it’s like to work at the company. We cover everything from his typical workday to advice he has for other young people.


Let’s start with the basics.

In recent months, you may have heard Mike Rowe, star of the hit TV show, “Dirty Jobs” speaking in Iowa. With his engaging personality and straight talk, when Rowe speaks, people listen. His message was clear and echoes that of many companies across the state – Iowa is hiring!

For decades, McAninch Corporation has performed soil stabilization on the construction projects they have been involved with.  Historically, this excavation process was done for two main reasons. The first reason was to dry the soils, which the old timers would call “powdered sunshine”, and the second reason was to change the characteristics of the soils.

Complacency is perhaps one of the biggest problems we face in completing our daily tasks.  It is an attitude that determines how we respond to given situations.  In my safety career, I wish I would have kept track of how many times I have heard “we have always done it this way”. 



During the night of May 23, 2017, in Des Moines, Iowa, SW 9th Street just north of Army Post Road was shut down. This was done to install a sanitary sewer service and a water service for the new QuikTrip Store that is being constructed on the NE corner of that intersection.

Drainage culverts play an important part in ensuring your construction project will be successful and last a long time. When working on a project in a residential area, multi-plate, galvanized corrugated metal (CMP) culverts are a great option. These culverts are built for a number of uses, but can be designed to support a paved road over the top of them.

Excavating for a construction project is a very precise and crucial step in the process. There’s a lot more to it than just moving dirt. When choosing an excavating company for your project, you’ll benefit from looking for a seasoned excavating company with highly trained professionals, the right equipment for your job, and a reputation for getting jobs done right and on time.