It’s not uncommon for Iowans to pack their bags and head south for a winter vacation. Few people, however, leave on a motorcycle in early January when it’s in 34 degrees outside. That’s exactly what Jon Thompson and his wife did during his time off last winter from working at McAninch.


Tanner Bowman has always been intrigued by heavy machinery. Now, as a scraper operator – he’s working with big machines nearly every day. Although he’s been working for McAninch for less than six months, he feels right at home in his new role.

Photo of Mitchell Coulter


When construction is underway, every aspect of the project has a process to follow. Criteria must be met at certain stages for progress to continue.

Mitchell Coulter has worked at McAninch for nearly five years. When we caught up with him in November, he was testing the water and sewer system at a new subdivision.

Photo of Jen Ward


For much of the year, you’ll find Jen Ward operating a scraper for McAninch Corporation. During the weather-dictated time off she enjoys in the winter, you’ll likely find her playing wide receiver for the Iowa Crush. The Iowa Crush is a women’s tackle football team based out of Des Moines.