We recently caught up with Danny Snyder, an equipment operator for McAninch, while he was working on a runway project at the Des Moines International Airport. This is his fourth year working for McAninch, and he’s happy to be sitting in the seat of a bulldozer.


Tyler Dudding’s enthusiasm for his work is contagious. In fact, when asked to explain what he does at McAninch, he had a fitting response.

“I help to make dreams come true,” he says. “Whether we’re working on a housing project or an industrial area, we’re on the ground level of seeing someone’s vision start to become a reality.”

As a scraper operator, he says simply put, he puts the dirt where it needs to be.


Nathan Tucker has been working for a couple of decades, but he hasn’t worked for a company that treats employees as well as he says McAninch does – day in and day out.

“Beyond the opportunities and good pay, it’s the simple things like receiving a company shirt,” Tucker says.

George Storm


Before homes and businesses are built, a considerable amount of work must happen below the ground, and it goes far beyond digging foundations. With 30 years of experience – 20 of which have been with McAninch – George Storm has significant expertise in this area.