Iowa has jobs. What we need is the interest of middle school and high school students to be open to pursuing skilled job opportunities. Over the course of two weeks in May, I chauffeured a $75,000 heavy-equipment simulator to schools in the Des Moines metro area with the goal of bringing “the jobs” to students.

With a fleet of approximately 550 vehicles, keeping everything operating smoothly is no small task for McAninch’s 25 full-time maintenance employees. With the arrival of spring, massive pieces of earthmoving equipment were brought of winter hibernation and sent to job sites. We recently sat down with Jason Paulson, vice president of fleet management, and Tyler Smith, field mechanic, to learn what it takes to keep these machines running strong.

When lawns return to their lush green, temperatures rise, birds sing, and flowers and trees bloom, you know that spring has officially arrived. At McAninch, when our equipment and our highly trained staff move to job sites, we know that spring has arrived.

We at McAninch are excited to announce that we are celebrating a President’s Award for Year 2016 from our Captive Insurance Group!

To qualify for a President’s Award, a member must have a loss ratio of 10% or lower of their audited premium within the Captive group, and McAninch achieved a 7.8% loss ratio for 2016.