Multi-Plate Corrugated Metal Pipe Culvert Installation

Drainage culverts play an important part in ensuring your construction project will be successful and last a long time. When working on a project in a residential area, multi-plate, galvanized corrugated metal (CMP) culverts are a great option. These culverts are built for a number of uses, but can be designed to support a paved road over the top of them.

You should only consider the most experienced professionals for installation to ensure the culvert’s longevity. When installed by professional excavating and utility contractor, this type of culvert can last for generations. Depending on your site’s conditions, various pipe coatings and materials can help extend the culvert’s service life.

A multi-plate, CMP culvert can be round, arch or elliptical. They are made of galvanized corrugated steel sheets that vary in size depending on your projects. Installation can be time-consuming for a contractor who does not have experience working with this product as the steel sheets need to be bolted together and backfilled with compacted granular backfill on all sides, as well as above the top of the pipe. This aggregate backfill is very important as it helps support the CMP and is part of the structural strength of the culvert itself.

In addition to the importance of backfill, other specifics are imperative to the service life of the culvert. The bolts vary in length depending on the number of sheets that are over lapping and all the bolts need to be tightened to the proper torque as defined by the manufacturer’s specifications. The CMP also needs to be installed at the right flow line elevation and grade to avoid erosion problems. The inlet and outlet must be designed with the proper end sections, that could be a step bevel end section or a headwall. Headwalls can either be cast in place concrete or corrugated metal with a brick or stone face depending on your needs.

Your excavating and pipe laying contractor should be familiar with all factors that could affect the service life of the culvert. The installation and backfill are critical to assure the multi-plate will perform as the designers intended them to.

Your contractor should also be aware of all the permits that will be needed and regulations that need to be adhered to. They will need to right equipment for all aspects of the job, from excavating the trench to installing the pipe, to backfilling and compacting the aggregate and soil to ensure everything is done properly.

If you’re ready to begin your project, it’s time to call the professionals at McAninch Corporation for your excavating and site utility needs.