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Underground Utilities

Underground work has its own set of disciplines and methods. Because workers are in the trench, safety is imperative, making the layback and the slope of the trench important. All field supervisors have completed advanced training and are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified. McAninch lays pipe in only one way – the right way.

Laying Pipe the Only Way – The Right Way

It’s easy to stick a pipe in the ground. But that pipe, even when covered with dirt and hidden from view, must hold up and do its job for up to a century. Achieving that result requires advanced technology. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge and deploying today’s best tools and resources.

Our productivity is enhanced by custom-configured excavators with wider tracks, longer booms and bigger buckets. Vibrating compaction plates ensure proper soil compaction where it matters most – where you can’t see it. With these powerful tools, McAninch crews can lay more pipe per day while completing the job safely and efficiently.

Every season, McAninch underground crews lay hundreds of miles of pipe – ranging from 1-inch dia. Water service to large scale Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts (RCB) – for water lines, sanitary sewers and storm sewers. Related structures include intakes, box culverts and manholes. 

If you’re ready to start an underground utilities project and need to know how to get started, contact us for more information.

Our Projects

Throughout the years, we've done a lot of housing developments, commercial work, and we worked on the penitentiary in Fort Madison. I've had a lot of different experiences. They don't settle for the norm here. If you need any equipment adjustments, they'll take care of it. If they send a piece of equipment out to a job site and need to adjust something, they'll do it. We get the job done safe, fast, and efficient without cutting corners. We're number one and we take a lot of pride in our work and at the end of the day it feels like a family.

Brian Veach, Operating Engineer,

McAninch Corp. employee since 1998

When I started at McAninch in 1973 I was a mechanic assistant and then transitioned to being a driver. The people and the wages are what really sets McAninch apart from the rest. I think McAninch probably has the highest wages in the area and allow you to determine your career path without keeping you in one specific position. They let you go to schools to help expand your skillset and get better while continuing to grow in your career. McAninch has been all that I have known, but I do know that the people that have left have come back and always said "I wish I would have stayed here".

John Hollinger, Lowboy Driver,

McAninch Corp. employee since 1972

My buddy got me hired on at McAninch and after a year I started as a pipe layer and I've been doing that ever since. The guys around here are fun and they know what they're doing. They will keep you busy with a number of jobs and they pay you very well. They've been around the longest and have the most expertise in the field. One of the main reasons I like working here is because I make more money than all of my friends that graduated from college, so it's a good alternative if you don't go that route.

Amadeo Chua-Carrion, Foreman,

McAninch Corp. employee since 2012

I applied here interested in getting in to the lowboy side, but they gave me other opportunities and kept me busy in a side-dump. They've helped me progress to that position and helped me get my hazmat endorsement so I could get to that spot. The people are great - I really like the flexibility, they're not going to hassle you if you need to go to a doctor's appointment. They pay pretty well here, and they're willing to help you out in more ways than just monetarily too. If you need help outside of work, they're there for you and are always willing to listen.

Reece Turner, Operator,

McAninch Corp. employee since 2014

It's been my family since 1993 and I've always told Doug that I started here and I'll finish here. He takes care of us and cares about his workers, so we try and do the same thing for him. The level of trust and the opportunity to do so many different things are what I like the best. We have always been the best at what we do. We are better than our competition, we're faster than our competition and that's what sets us apart. If there was a young person coming up and looking for a place to go and stay. Make a place their career, this is they place they would want to go.

Korey Seales, Project Superintendent,

McAninch Corp. employee since 1993

I came in as a lube technician, changing oil in the equipment and did that for two years. Then a position came open in the welding shop, and I've been doing it ever since. We're all a close family, we all get along, everyone helps each other out. I would say they're a good company just because of the environment we work in. The maintenance facility is nice and it makes it easier, safer for us and that trickles out in to the field. Everything is well-maintained, the tools we get to use - everything is just top-notch and makes our lives a lot easier and safer.

Brad Wagaman, Welder,

McAninch Corp. employee since 1996