The McAninch Safety Standard

McAninch has an uncompromising commitment to safety. We consider the safety and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, clients and the public to be paramount. To maintain a safe working environment, we are dedicated to creating a culture of safety excellence in everything we do.

Education and Safety Precautions

Through constant observations, field supervisors are fully aware of employee performance and immediately correct practices if an individual exhibits a lack of safety diligence. We make no compromises when it comes to safety.

To further assess potential hazards and maintain adherence to safety protocols, McAninch’s safety team visits project sites to monitor work-in-progress and consult with supervisors. Operators and laborers are required to wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including hardhats, safety glasses, high-visibility clothing and safety-toed footwear. McAninch maintains detailed and comprehensive emergency response plans for potential job-site hazards.

At McAninch’s 40-bay maintenance facility and transport staging area, safety managers constantly supervise operations. Maintenance supervision includes, but is not limited to, the safe use of tools and power equipment, proper handling of fuel and lubricants, and PPE use. Transport oversight includes the safe loading and securing of machines on trailers. In addition, drivers are subject to rigorous Department of Transportation (DOT) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training.

McAninch aggressively implements its safety program to ensure employees have a safe place to work, the frequency of work-related accidents is reduced, and there is compliance with applicable OSHA and other required standards. Recently, McAninch won an annual President’s Award from our Captive Insurance Group for an exceptionally low loss ratio of our audited premium within the Captive Group.

Every employee plays an active role in ensuring safety is paramount at McAninch – for themselves and their co-workers.