McAninch utilizes Fly Ash for Soil Stabilization

For decades, McAninch Corporation has performed soil stabilization on the construction projects they have been involved with.  Historically, this excavation process was done for two main reasons. The first reason was to dry the soils, which the old timers would call “powdered sunshine”, and the second reason was to change the characteristics of the soils.


By definition, “Soil stabilization is a general term for any physical, chemical, biological, or combined method of changing a natural soil to meet an engineering purpose. Improvements include increasing the weight bearing capabilities and performance of in-situ subsoils, sands, and other waste materials in order to strengthen road surfaces”.



Recently, McAninch Corporation has invested in Stoltz Site Spreaders and Storage Tankers, commonly referred to as “pigs”, to increase the efficiency of soil stabilization and to decrease the dust created by the application of Quicklime, Fly Ash or Cement.  With this new equipment, McAninch Corporation will be able to store the material onsite, apply the material accurately at the rate the Engineer has specified, and do all this with minimal dust. The benefits of this excavation process include it being more environmentally friendly, it creating a safer environment for the workers, and it increasing the accuracy of the application rate. On top of all that, it saves time and money for everyone involved.