Spring Clean Your Safety Routine

When lawns return to their lush green, temperatures rise, birds sing, and flowers and trees bloom, you know that spring has officially arrived. At McAninch, when our equipment and our highly trained staff move to job sites, we know that spring has arrived. Just as spring is a sign of nature’s renewal, many people see it as a time to rejuvenate. For many people and companies, that means cleaning or starting new projects. Routines change, and activities increase – both at work and during your personal time – making spring the perfect time to look at your safety routine.


In our work environment, safety starts and ends with each person and the steps we take to make health and wellness an ongoing priority. From simple steps – such as regular hand washing; reminding employees about the availability of flu shots; and providing continuous education about trips, slips and falls – safety, health and wellness go hand-in-hand in our work environments.


Whether it’s spring or winter, our employees know that paying attention to their health and wellness is not a seasonal task – it’s a daily mindset.  While finding time each day is usually the biggest challenge to overcome, sometimes simply finding 10-15 minutes each day – either all at once or in increments – can make all the difference in feeling refreshed and alert.


Here are four easy tips that McAninch promotes to help our employees recharge their batteries and keep the spring in their step:


  1. Daily Stretch and Flex: Your muscles need – and want – to be warmed up before use.

A warm muscle is more flexible than a cold muscle. I’ve heard this situation best described with the “taffy analogy.” If you put a piece of taffy in the microwave and briefly heat it up, it will be flexible and stretch easier than before you put it in the microwave, because it is warm. Your muscles react in a similar way when you warm them up through stretching.


  1. Reduce Your Sugar Intake: Sugar sends your energy levels on a rollercoaster. When you eat something sugary, your blood sugar levels can spike rapidly, giving you that boost in mood and alertness – then fall shortly after insulin is released into your cells. This big, sudden drop in blood sugar can make you shaky, weak, hungry and moody. When you crave something sweet, choosing a natural sugar option, such as an apple or orange can be a healthy alternative.


  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: A healthy dose of water each day should be half your weight in ounces – e.g., a person weighing 150 pounds should consume no less than 75 ounces of water per day. Water has benefits that include increasing energy, flushing out toxins, boosting immune systems and promoting weight loss.


  1. Set Down Your Electronic Device: Five minutes without your phone won’t hurt you. In fact, take a break will allow your eyes to rest and allow you to enhance your mental focus.


McAninch Corporation has an uncompromising commitment to safety. We consider the safety and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, clients and the public to be paramount. To rigorously maintain a safe working environment, we are dedicated to creating a culture of safety excellence.


When you’re spring cleaning this year, take a few moments to look around you. Are there safety risks and hazards you can clean up? Do your health and wellness routines need a tune up? Have you taken steps to minimize distractions? Toss some of your bad habits to the curb and spring ahead with an improved safety and wellness routine!


Raquel Whitehill is the safety director for McAninch. Learn more about our safety culture here.