Meet Ben Groesbeck

Ben Groesbeck


We visited with Groesbeck on a hot and windy summer morning when the heat index that day was expected to rise past 100. When you lay pipe, you’re working in ditch-type conditions surrounded by dirt and not much of a breeze, which means it’s even hotter in those areas.

Groesbeck doesn’t mind the conditions; he likes the hands-on, outdoor work that a job with McAninch provides.

“I like to be outside, get dirty and work with a great crew,” Groesbeck says. “Depending on what kind of pipe we’re laying – whether it’s for a water main or sewer line – the days go by really fast.”

He enjoys seeing his hard work turn into developments around the area. On the day he spoke with us, he was laying concrete water main pipe in a 90-home new residential development in Altoona. Because of the size of the project – and the dry weather – two crews were working together to complete the job.

Before working for McAninch, he worked on a smaller scale, putting in septic tanks and laying tile for farmers. Although this type of background wasn’t required for him to get the job at McAninch, he knew how to run a laser and grade the ground, which made it easy for him to catch on to the work.

“At McAninch, you start training and working from Day 1,” Groesbeck says. “I remember my supervisor handing me a saw and telling me to ‘go cut that pipe’ – you don’t get that type of hands-on experience right out of the gate in every job.”

His family farms in southcentral Iowa, and he spent most of his time growing up in Missouri and Oklahoma. Spending time on the farm meant hard work, and that background pays off when a typical summer day on the job site is 11 to 12 hours.

Outside of work, Groesbeck enjoys hunting and fishing.

His advice to someone starting out with the company is simple – work hard every single day.


If you or someone you know is looking for a career with a company who is passionate about its people, puts safety first and provides professional growth opportunities in a team-oriented and highly productive culture, look to McAninch.

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