Meet Danny Snyder


We recently caught up with Danny Snyder, an equipment operator for McAninch, while he was working on a runway project at the Des Moines International Airport. This is his fourth year working for McAninch, and he’s happy to be sitting in the seat of a bulldozer.

“I started as a laborer with the company in the spring of 2015,” Snyder says. “I spent a lot of hours – and I mean a lot – shoveling before I worked my way up to an equipment operator.”

These days he can be found running a dozer, scraper or skid loader. Operating a skid loader is his favorite piece of equipment, and he spent most of last year running one while the company was working on the Highway 141 project near Grimes and Johnston.

Before joining McAninch, he worked in construction on the Facebook project in Altoona. While on the job, he saw the McAninch crews hard at work on the excavating project. He liked what he saw and applied to the company.

“If people are interested in working for McAninch, I always tell people to get started early in your career, so you can gain valuable experience and work your way up,” Snyder says. “I tried college first, and it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t be happier with what I’m doing today.”

Among the things he likes most about the company are the friendships and camaraderie and the opportunity to spend his days working outside. In addition, the company takes pride in its employees and equipment.

“McAninch invests a lot of money in good equipment. If something breaks, mechanics are out here right away so that we don’t have down time.”

While the summer hours are long, he appreciates the opportunity to work hard while the weather is good and take it easy for a couple of months in the winter.


If you or someone you know is looking for a career with a company who is passionate about its people, puts safety first and provides professional growth opportunities in a team-oriented and highly productive culture, look to McAninch.

Ideal candidates will have a valid driver’s license, are willing to work longer days in good weather and most importantly, have a mindset of safety first. Candidates who are interested in pursuing a career with the leading excavation and grading contractor in Iowa should call (515) 267-2500; complete an application by stopping by our office at 4001 Delaware Avenue, Des Moines; or fill out an online application at