Meet Mitchell Coulter

Photo of Mitchell Coulter


When construction is underway, every aspect of the project has a process to follow. Criteria must be met at certain stages for progress to continue.

Mitchell Coulter has worked at McAninch for nearly five years. When we caught up with him in November, he was testing the water and sewer system at a new subdivision.

“We test the utility holes for air leaks by putting a rubber ball and a vacuum at each end of the pipe. The vacuum takes the air out of the pipe,” Coulter explains. “If there are leaks, my team will fix them. Or, a punch list crew will complete the work.

Coulter started at McAninch through the labor union and worked out of town on a fertilizer plant project. He was a pipe layer for two years and ran a backhoe for another two years before landing in his current role.

With his job at McAninch, Coulter enjoys having some time off in the winter to hunt, fish and go to places such as Colorado or Mexico

“I appreciate the good pay and relatively consistent hours. It’s nice having some time off in the winter,” he says.

The work culture is friendly and a team environment, he adds.

New employees can be successful if they “show up and want to work.” Coulter is an example of that philosophy. Five years ago, he didn’t have any knowledge about the industry. Soon, he’ll celebrate a career milestone with McAninch.

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