Meet Jon Thompson


It’s not uncommon for Iowans to pack their bags and head south for a winter vacation. Few people, however, leave on a motorcycle in early January when it’s in 34 degrees outside. That’s exactly what Jon Thompson and his wife did during his time off last winter from working at McAninch. Leaving on Jan. 3, they completed a 6,000-mile road trip from Des Moines to Key West, Florida, and back home.

Thompson has worked for McAninch since 2013 and appreciates the flexibility working outdoors offers so that he can pursue his interests of traveling. Last year, he spent time in Europe and a trip to California to travel on U.S. Route 101 is next on the docket.

As a bulldozer and heavy equipment operator, the ability to complete a job with a degree of freedom appeals to him.

“I like that I know what the task is, and then, I can accomplish it,” Thompson says. “I’m not stuck inside a building all day, every day. In a way, I’m in control of my own destiny.”

One of the recent projects Thompson worked on was a housing development in Waukee. For this type of job, McAninch works on the subgrade prep.

“We move the dirt around, so the pipe and underground structures can be put in,” he explains. “Then we put the dirt back in and compact the soil. Once complete, the pavers trim the top off and put the concrete in for roads and sidewalks.”

Thompson has been doing this type of work for his entire career.

“People who are new to this line of work should concentrate on learning and doing as much as you can to develop your skills.”

If you or someone you know is looking for a career with a company who is passionate about its people, puts safety first and provides professional growth opportunities in a team-oriented and highly productive culture, look to McAninch.

Ideal candidates will have a valid driver’s license, are willing to work longer days in good weather and most importantly, have a mindset of safety first. Candidates who are interested in pursuing a career with the leading excavation and grading contractor in Iowa should call (515) 267-2500; complete an application by stopping by our office at 4001 Delaware Avenue, Des Moines; or fill out an online application at