Meet Luke Roozeboom

Photo of Luke Roozeboom


Luke Roozeboom, a punch lister for McAninch, is one of the last employees to see a job before it’s walked through for final approval. For example, if the city is inspecting a job site, they will open the infrastructure and make sure everything is up to par and meets code requirements. If they see something to be adjusted, Roozeboom makes the modification.

He’s worked for McAninch for the past 16 years and enjoys the diversity of working on different job sites and doing different work every day.

“I bounce to different job sites all the time. For instance, if a sump line is hit, I may have to go fix it,” Roozeboom says. “Or if someone is paving, a punch lister may have to raise a manhole for them.”

For new employees, his advice is straightforward. Get to work early, put in the extra work and it will get noticed.

“I’ve never felt like I needed to change companies because I’ve always liked I’m doing,” he adds. “There is great comradery, and the team is here to help you. People are easy to work with, and it’s an overall fun and hardworking atmosphere.”