Project : NE 36th and Delaware Avenue
Project Type : Public
Project Owner : City of Ankeny
Location : Ankeny, Iowa
Project Description :

Reconstruct the intersection of NE 36th and Delaware Avenue.  The development of the intersection of NE 36th and Interstate I-35 spurred residential and commercial development in the northeastern part of Ankeny, Iowa.  The project scope of work was to widen both NE 36th Street and Delaware Avenue and provide for greater vehicular capacity.
The work included removal of the old roadways, upgrading the underground utilities for water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer, new paving, new signalized intersection and extensive landscaping.

Brief Listing of Quantities:
  1. Removal of over 15,000 SYS of old paving, drives and walks.
  2. Excavation and grading of ±45,000 cubic yards of earth.
  3. Installation of ±13,000 lineal feet of underground utilities.
  4. Construction of ±50 inlets and manholes.
  5. Construction of 300 lineal feet of retaining wall.
  6. Placement of ±25,000 tons of crushed stone base and surfacing.
  7. Paving of over 33,000 square yards of new roadway, driveways, bike trails and sidewalk.
  8. One signalized intersection controlling three lanes in each direction.
  9. Planting of dozens of new hardwood trees and scores of new plantings including three new bioswales.
Any unusual or special procedures for its construction: The project incorporated two early completion incentives; one for the opening of the intersection on or before July 4th and one for the completion of the entire project. McAninch Corporation achieved both early completion dates and collected the maximum bonus for this work.